Rob Kahn’s BJJ Manifesto Digital BOOK:  This Digital book (with 12 video instructionals in it)
teaches you why “Strategy” is more important than “techniques.”
We show you what to do in each position, when to do it, and why
you do it.  No one teaches this! And you get it, for only $7!

manifesto w videos graphic


Rob Kahn’s No Gi Library– This is our system for no gi grappling.  Passing,
guard attacks, escapes submissions from each position.  The
same moves Matt Arroyo used in Abu Dhabi Trials and in
UFC to get submission of the night!



Matt Arroyo’s Back Attack Blueprint:  A perfect system of back attacks that will
allow you to control and submit any one of any size or experience.
This is a step by step blueprint whether you are a beginner or advanced,
it will work the same.


Back Attack Blueprint - Mock Up


Matt Arroyo’s “Wrist Locks Revealed”

This is everything you need to know about
wrist locks for BJJ. Setups, finishes, and strategy.
These are the 20 most effective and high %
wrist locks for BJJ that there is.




Josh Hayden’s 80/20 Leg Surfing System:   Leg lock master Josh
Hayden shows his system for leg locks and also how to defend all
of the most common leg lock attacks.  This is a blueprint for beginners
and advanced.

dvd with Disc


Vagner Rocha’s “50/50 Of The Arms” Kimura Funnels
Kimura Master, BJJ Black belt and UFC Veteran Vagner Rocha shows
his life’s work on how to get to the kimura from almost everywhere and use
it to funnel your opponent in to dominant positions and submissions!



Joe Lauzon’s “Ultimate Grappling Hacks”
UFC superstar Joe Lauzon reveals all of his grappling secrets
that allowed him to have the record for “submission of the night”
awards. This will add crazy



Martial Arts Product Launch Blueprint

Ever think about making your own digital course and selling
it online? This course teaches you the entire process from
start to finish. Whether you want to make your own or partner
with an expert, this is the way to financial freedom and passive
income in the martial arts!