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Rob Kahn and I wrote a bookall about Jiu Jitsu Strategy. There are hundreds of books on techniques out there, but I haven’s seen any explaining the more IMPORTANT aspect of Jiu Jitsu which is the STRATEGY. What to do from every position, WHEN to do it, and WHY you do it!! There is also a section on how to structure your training to get better faster. It is a digital book so it also has videos that help us explain our strategies embedded in! Click this link for more info and also to see a free video of the secret to finishing every triangle you ever do!!!



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Hi guys. I’ll be teaching on an awesome cruise that’s heading to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Mexico. We got great rates for those who want to join us. Cheap if you go by yourself, cheaper if you go as a family or with a bunch of guys.

I’ll be teaching Cage Strategy, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and other stuff. The gang at NAGA including Kipp Kollar and Kirik Jenness will also be there with some great instructors covering Submission Grappling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, etc. It’s all inclusive. Meals, shows, clubs, entertainment. We’ll be training when we’re at to Sea and partying when we hit the ports. I hope you can join me and the others for this event. No one else is doing what we’re doing. Sailing the Caribbean while training in my favorite sport sounded good to me. I hope to see there. You can register at Tell them Matt Arroyo sent you.

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Went to Vegas this past weekend to train with Robert Drysdale and Miguel Torres. It was a short trip but still awesome. I got out there friday Jan 15 went straight to Robert’s school. I was very nice, with about 2500 square feet of mats. That day I got a chance to train with a tough grappler named Sean Spangler. We had a very competitive match. The Next day I rolled with Robert and felt pretty helpless!! He was so strong and so technical that most of my offense was shut down and I went into defense mode for 90% of the match. LOL it was a very humbling experience. I picked up some great half guard techniques and also a few tricks from other positions. I also got to do some light MMA with Miguel Torres, some on the feet, then mostly on the ground. He is very slick on the ground and has amazing timing with his punches on the feet. He will smash Benevides March 6!! I also trained with up and coming grappler and MMA fighter AJ Algazarm…Look out for this kid, he will be a force in the next year or two (you heard it here first!!) Saturday night AJ, Robert, and I went to club XS. WOW, its HUGE and has a pool in it!! Pretty sick! If you are in Vegas, check it out!


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Hey everyone..I will be attending a seminar in Vegas on November 6, 7, and 8th  learn about Internet Marketing…It is the FUTURE!!  I have a few good friends who are making some serious money right from their house on the computer.  They advised me to go because they went to this same seminar only 3 years ago.  You don’t have to tell me twice…I’m there!  If anyone else is interested in going too check out this link!!

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Here is my match from Copa… Lost 5-0. Daniel is a very talented point grappler…was never in danger of submissions, but that’s the how the game goes! Enjoy.